CHRs honoured for lifetime of service to the Cree Nation

June 06, 2017
Helen, Rose & Rita

On May 30, 2017 at a ceremony in Val-d’Or, the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay honoured three of our longest serving and most respected and admired Community Health Representatives (CHRs): Helen Iserhoff, Rose Iserhoff, and Rita Trapper.


Michelle Gray, Director of Professional Services and Quality Assurance - Health/Nursing, presented the awards celebrating the CHRs' outstanding lifetime contribution to the well-being of their clients and their community, and their essential role in mentoring the next generation of CHRs.


As they approach retirement age, Rose Iserhoff of Chisasibi, Rita Trapper of Waswanipi, and Helen Iserhoff of Mistissini have served for a total of  83 years! Rose has 30 years of service, Rita has 29 and Helen has 24 years of service.


CHRs are a pillar of the health and social services delivery model of the CBHSSJB. They are locally hired paraprofessionals in community health who work with other members of the healthcare teams to support the delivery of clinical services in areas ranging from childhood vaccination to diabetes education. Their role also involves community outreach in schools, at local events and on the radio and via social media. As members of the local community, CHRs help people navigate a sometimes complex medical system and they also help non-indigenous healthcare workers to understand Cree culture and values so that they can deliver culturally appropriate care.


44 CHRs from the nine communities of Eeyou Istchee gathered in Val-d’Or last week for three days of professional training.