CBHSSJB welcomes Nancy Shecapio-Blacksmith as Assistant Commissioner of Complaints and Quality Services

May 28, 2018
Sarah Cowboy (l) and Nancy Shecapio-Blacksmith (r)

Nancy Shecapio-Blacksmith is the new Assistant Commissioner of Complaints and Quality of Services. She joined Sarah Cowboy, Commissioner of Complaints and Quality Services on May 14, 2018. Nancy Shecapio-Blacksmith is a nurse from Ouje-Bougoumou who most recently worked as nurse onboard the CBHSSJB Air Charter Service.

She will work with Sarah Cowboy to receives complaints and other feedback from people who use the services offered by the Cree Health Board. Having two Cree persons in the positions of Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner is important because they can speak to clients in both inland and coastal dialects and understand their reality. They advocate for the rights of all users, especially the most vulnerable. Another aspect of their role is to raise awareness of the Users’ Rights and the complaints process, which they do through community tours and media interviews. The Cree Health Board encourages people to use this formal channel to voice complaints. This is the best means to ensure that the underlying issues are fixed, so that all may benefit.  

Any CBHSSJB client wishing to discuss a situation or file a complaint can reach their office at this toll free number: 1-866-923-2624 (leave your name and a call back number on voicemail). 

More information about the Complaints process can be found here: