Catherine Lameboy-Sam retires after 38 years with the CBHSSJB

July 23, 2018

We would like to wish Catherine Lameboy-Sam a very happy and healthy retirement! Catherine has been with the Cree Health Board for 38 years.

Catherine Lameboy-Sam started her employment with the CBHSSJB during the Fort George relocation in 1979-80 as a receptionist, a position she held for 5 years. She took an Educational Leave in 1985-1987 to pursue a diploma in Office Administration which included 6 extra weeks in Computer Technology. The use of computer equipment in the office setting was just emerging.

Upon her return, there was an opening for a Medical Secretary position and she applied for it. During this period, doctors use to dictate their medical consultations and Medical Secretaries had to type the transcripts into a letter-form to accompany the patient who was being transferred to southern hospital. This was long before there was internet access in Eeyou Istchee. While in this position, she would often hear new words that she was not familiar with and she was curious to know what she was typing. So, she took a Medical Terminology course and, from there, found herself enjoying what she was asked to do. She recognizes that things are much different and easier now for doctors who are practicing in Eeyou Istchee, with emerging technologies such as internet access and telehealth.

Catherine also worked as Medical Secretary under Cree Patient Services for Specialist Doctor visits and she was often asked to assist the specialists. She says that one time, she was helping an orthopaedist put a cast on a patient and he asked her to put a gown on to protect her clothes from the plaster. Once they were finished, the orthopedist told her “Awesome work!” Catherine looked at him and said “These are my brand new shoes!” as her shoes were covered with white spots from the plaster.

In January 2011, Catherine was transferred to the department of Director of Medical Affairs and Services (DMAS) as Administrative Technician. She has been holding this position on a permanent basis since April 2014.

Catherine has worked with many doctors throughout the 38 years with the CBHSSJB, she developed long-term friendships with many and she gained so much knowledge that, jokingly, she says that she could come back as a “dépanneur”.

When asked what she would do with her newly found free time, she says that she will enjoy time with her family at her cabin. She has planned many road trips and she will divide her time between Chisasibi and Ottawa where she will attend hockey tournaments to support her grandchildren, as she has missed many occasions in the past few years.

We wish you well Catherine, many happy adventures, and good health for you to enjoy the next chapter in your Life! Chiniskuumitinaan, Meegwetch.