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Chisasibi Hospital cafeteria and kitchen closed temporarily

September 15, 2021

The kitchen and cafeteria at the Chisasibi Hospital are currently closed due to health and safety concerns. Workers have discovered mold underneath of the walk-In freezer and waik-in refrigerators in the kitchen area and are currently removing the contaminated area.


Meals, for clients and staff, are currently being prepared in the kitchen area of the Banquet Hall inside the Mitchuap complex.


Interior of temporary kitchen at Chisasibi Hospital
The temporary kitchen at the Banquet Hall.
Take out meal of fruit salad and green salad

Clients are served their regular meals, while CBHSSJB staff are served take-out meals due to the lack of space for a temporary cafeteria. This short-term solution will be in place until Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021.

We are hoping that the hospital kitchen will be ready by that time for our kitchen staff to resume their work. Please note that the cafeteria will remain closed - until further notice - since that space will be used as temporary food storage. 

The renovations will be executed in two phases:  

  1. removal of the mold 
  2. reconstruction of the walk-in freezer and walk-in fridge units  

On September 20 an inspection will determine if all of the mold was removed. In case of a delay, a catering service would provide meals for our employees and the MSDC kitchen would be used to prepare meals for our clients. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience but remain confident that the renovations will be completed soon. 


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