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6 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Espresso in Montreal

September 2, 2021

Public Health has confirmed 6 cases of COVID-19 at Espresso Hotel in Montreal. People affected are isolating on a designated floor with strict precautions in place. Wiichihiituwin staff are supporting them during their isolation period (with food service, and to meet other needs). 


Public Health's investigation found that the people who were infected most likely got COVID-19 through contact with different people in the city.  

Public Health Health has done contact tracing for cases involving people at Espresso.  All contacts have been assessed for their risk of exposure. A small number of contacts are now isolating and will be tested. If there are more positive cases in coming days, further contact tracing will be done.

Voluntary screening tests on September 3

Voluntary screening tests will also be available on site at Espresso on Friday, September 3 for all Wichiihiituwin clients, escorts and staff. Public Health highly recommends people take a screening test as a precaution.

Case numbers are rising in Montreal, and many of our Wiichihiituwin clients have accessed different services through the city. Screening tests help safeguard the wellbeing of all people who are currently at Espresso Hotel. 

People who aren't identified as close contacts, and who do a screening test on Friday don't have to isolate, and can keep all of their medical appointments as planned. These appointments are safe, and all precautionary measures are in place to protect patients and their escorts.

Public Health recommends all Wichiihiituwin clients and escorts continue to respect the precautions in place at the hotel itself. When people leave their rooms, they should limit contacts, practice physical distancing, and wear a mask properly to stay safe.  

In order to accommodate some of the needs of certain clients at Espresso during this time, some patients and escorts may be asked to move to another hotel.

Update on new cases in Eeyou Istchee since August

  • 19 people in the region have been diagnosed with Covid-19 since August 16, 2021.  
  • 7 have recovered. 
  • 12 residents of Eeyou Istchee have active infections as of Thursday, September 2. This includes cases at Espresso.  
  • Most of the cases declared since mid-August have affected people under 40.
  • Most of them were unvaccinated, or only had one dose of a vaccine. 
  • Some people who are fully vaccinated people have also been infected. In general, they had mild symptoms.     
  • 4 of the 19 people infected since mid-August have had to be hospitalized.

Tests for most of these cases showed signs of the Delta variant, which is more contagious and can make people more sick. 

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Reminder: Check with your PSO before traveling outside of Eeyou Istchee.

The Cree Nation Government and the Cree Board of Health are closely monitoring our neighbouring areas to assess the risks associated with travel. We are looking for any increase in the number of cases, changes in the regions' ability to manage epidemics, and their ability to conduct contact tracing.

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The Delta variant is more contagious and can cause more severe disease.  A person with the Delta variant will infect more people than if they had other variants. The Delta variant may lead to more hospitalizations and complications.

Contact tracing is key to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and helps protect you, your family, and your community.

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