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Allied Health

Leah Dolgoy, erg. Director of Professional Services and Quality Assurance (DPQSA) – Allied Health (interim) (514) 861-2352 ext. 74227

In addition to doctors and nurses, healthcare teams include many other professionals. These care-givers are grouped under Allied Health. The services they provide help people recover from illness, cope with chronic conditions, and make lasting lifestyle changes to achieve miyupimaatisiiun.

The DPSQA – Allied Health supervises nutritionists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, psycho-educators, respiratory therapists and allied health related managers.

General objective of the DPSQA

To ensure the quality of services provided by allied health professionals, for the scope of the organization’s programs and services.

Specific objectives of the DPSQA

  • To participate in the development of allied health services that respond to the needs of the population and meet clinical best practice;
  • To ensure that service delivery respects professional standards of clinical practice and current laws and regulations;
  • To provide support to local managers in matters of service delivery by allied health professionals;
  • To provide support in matters of disciplinary action and supervision of professional acts;
  • To participate in the development of human resources for the recruitment, retention and training of allied health professionals;
  • To ensure that services reflect the cultural values of the Cree people and integrate Cree healing practices, where applicable;
  • To coordinate a continuous Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Program for allied health service delivery.