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Shang N, Guerrero-Analco JA, Musallam L, Saleem A, Muhammad A, Walshe-Roussel B, Cuerrier A, Arnason JT, Haddad PS.  2012.  Adipogenic constituents from the bark of Larix laricina du Roi (K. Koch; Pinaceae), an important medicinal plant used traditionally by the Cree of Eeyou Istchee (Quebec, Canada) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes symptoms.. 141(3):1051-7.
Willows N, Fehderau DDyck, Raine KD.  2015.  Analysis Grid for Environments Linked to Obesity (ANGELO) framework to develop community-driven health programmes in an Indigenous community in Canada.. Health Soc Care Community.
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Willows NDianne, Donald K G.  2002.  Anemia in James Bay Cree Infants of Northern Quebec. PDF icon Anemia in James Bay Cree infants of northern Quebec.pdf (1.31 MB)
Haddad PS, Musallam L, Martineau LC, Harris CS, Lavoie L, Arnason JT, Foster BC, Bennett SAL, Johns T, Cuerrier A et al..  2011.  The Anti-diabetic Plant Project: Using traditional knowledge and science to look at healing plants. PDF icon Prioritization article-Eldersversion-June16-2011.pdf (485.18 KB)
Willows NDianne, Iserhoff R, Napash L.  2004.  Anxiety about food supply in Cree women with infants in Quebec. PDF icon 56-109-1-SM.pdf (97.21 KB)
Willows NDianne, Sanou D, Bell RC.  2011.  Assessment of Canadian Cree infants' birth size using the WHO Child Growth Standards.. 23(1):126-31.
Downs SM, Arnold A, Marshall D, McCargar LJ, Raine KD, Willows NDianne.  2009.  Associations among the food environment, diet quality and weight status in Cree children in Québec.. 12(9):1504-11.
Willows NDianne, Bell RC, Johnson MS.  2004.  Canadian Aboriginal (Cree) infants have high fetal growth. PDF icon Canadian Aboriginal (Cree) infants have high fetal growth_2004 poster [Compatibility Mode].pdf (385.97 KB)
Downs SM, Marshall D, Ng C, Willows NDianne.  2008.  Central adiposity and associated lifestyle factors in Cree children.. 33(3):476-82.PDF icon Summary by E. Bobet.pdf (85.31 KB)
Eid HM, Ouchfoun M, Saleem A, Guerrero-Analco JA, Walshe-Roussel B, Musallam L, Rapinski M, Cuerrier A, Martineau LC, Arnason JT et al..  2016.  A combination of (+)-catechin and (-)-epicatechin underlies the in vitro adipogenic action of Labrador tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum), an antidiabetic medicinal plant of the Eastern James Bay Cree pharmacopeia.. J Ethnopharmacol. 178:251-7.PDF icon Ingredients in Labrador tea that affect how our bodies store fat (183.83 KB)
Dannenbaum DA, Verronneau M, Torrie J, Smeja H, Dr Robinson EJ, Dumont C, Kovitch I, Webster T.  1999.  Comprehensive computerized diabetes registry; Serving the Cree of Eeyou Istchee (eastern James Bay). PDF icon 19-36-1-SM.pdf (490.98 KB)
Haddad PS, Musallam L, Martineau LC, Harris CS, Lavoie L, Arnason JT, Foster BC, Bennett SAL, Johns T, Cuerrier A et al..  2012.  Comprehensive evidence-based assessment and prioritization of potential antidiabetic medicinal plants: a case study from canadian eastern james bay cree traditional medicine.. 2012:893426.
Vallianatos H, Brennand EA, Raine KD, Stephen Q, Petawabano B, Dannenbaum DA, Willows NDianne.  2008.  Cree Women Speak: Intergenerational Perspectives on Weight Gain during Pregnancy and Weight Loss after Pregnancy. 4(1):6-14.