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.  2016.  2016 Eeyou/Eenou Regional General Assembly on Health and Social Services: A Green Event Report. PDF icon FaunENord report (1.83 MB)
.  2013.  INESS Protocoles et Guides.
Adelson N, Burnett K, Read G.  2012.  Reflecting on the future: New Technologies, New frontiers.
Adelson N.  2008.  Discourses of stress, social inequities, and the everydayworlds of First Nations women in a remote Northern Canadian community. 36(3):316-333.
Adelson N.  2013.  Digital Landscapes of Health .
Adelson N.  2012.  Cree Communications Technologies Past and Present, chapter from Aboriginal History: A Reader.
Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal.  2011.  HPV Vaccine - Questions and Answers. PDF icon Q_A_VPH_EN.pdf (28.05 KB)
Agence de la santé publique du Canada.  2007.  Normes canadiennes pour la lutte antituberculeuse, 6e édition - 2007. :496.
Agence de la santé publique du Canada.  2006.  Guide canadien d'immunisation. :431.
Andersson N, Ledogar RJ.  2008.  The CIET Aboriginal Youth Resilience Studies: 14 Years of Capacity Building and Methods Development in Canada.. 6(2):65-88.
Arbour L, Christensen B, Delormier T.  2002.  Spina Bifida, Folate Metabolism, and Dietary Folate intake in a Northern Canadian Aboriginal Population. PDF icon 34.pdf (85.23 KB)
Armstrong I, Dr Robinson EJ, Gray-Donald K.  1998.  Prevalence of low and high birthweight among the James Bay Cree of Northern Quebec. PDF icon 39.pdf (432.81 KB)
Bailie A.  2009.  How growth location might affect a tree's healing properties. PDF icon FRP-016-3-01-XY Bailie 2009-04-28 _PlainLanguage_.pdf (25.07 KB)
Bailie A.  2009.  Differences in healing effects of some trees: effects of genes and growing environment. PDF icon FRP-018-2-02-Y Bailie2009-06-15 Bailie thesis summary-PL final.pdf (23.2 KB)
Council of the Mistissini Band.  1991.  Cree Language Department Health Lexicon. PDF icon Mistissini Cree Language Department.pdf (563.12 KB)
Barrington J.  2000.  Cree School Health Project: Looking Back and Moving On. PDF icon 18-205-1-PB.pdf (1.9 MB)
Barss P.  1998.  Circumstances and Prevention: Injuries from Falls among the Cree of Eastern James Bay, Canada. PDF icon 54-221-1-PB.pdf (888.54 KB)
Barss P.  1997.  Injury Prevention Series- Drowning Deaths among the Cree of Eeyou Istchee, Québec, Canada. PDF icon 79-158-1-SM.pdf (4.52 MB)
Barss P.  1997.  Injury Prevention Series- Suicide in Cree Communities of Eastern James Bay. PDF icon 76.pdf (4.61 MB)
Barss P.  1997.  Injury Prevention Series- Injuries from Guns in Cree Communities of Eeyou Istchee, Québec, Canada. PDF icon 77.pdf (4.53 MB)
Barss P.  1998.  Circumstances and Prevention: Suicide and Parasuicide among the Cree of Eastern James Bay, Canada. PDF icon 95-219-1-SM.pdf (1.14 MB)
Barss P.  1998.  Injury Prevention Series- Injuries from Falls in Cree Communities of Eeyou Istchee, Québec, Canada. PDF icon 82-164-1-SM.pdf (4.55 MB)
Bates V, Bates N, Bergeron L.  2000.  Planning research for greater community involvement and long-term benefits.
Beaulieu L-P, Harris CS, Saleem A, Cuerrier A, Haddad PS, Martineau LC, Bennett SAL, Arnason JT.  2010.  Inhibitory effect of the Cree traditional medicine wiishichimanaanh (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) on advanced glycation endproduct formation: identification of active principles.. PDF icon FRP-004-5-02-X Beaulieu 2008-08-19 (PlainLanguage).pdf (96.61 KB)
Bergeron J, Lambert-Auger R, Bobet E, Torrie J.  2009.  An evaluation of how the Cree Health Board manages its training programs. :146p.PDF icon An evaluation of how the CHB manages its training programs.pdf (3.05 MB)
Bernard L, Lavallée C.  1993.  Eating Habits of Cree Schoolchildren: A Pilot Study. PDF icon 20-214-1-PB.pdf (2 MB)
Bernier J-LT, Maheux AF, Boissinot M, Picard FJ, Bissonnette L, Martin D, Dewailly E, Bergeron MG.  2009.  Onsite Microbiological Quality Monitoring of Raw Source Water in Cree Community of Mistissini. 44(4):345-354.
Black P, Saleem A, Dunford A, Guerrero-Analco JA, Walshe-Roussel B, Haddad PS, Cuerrier A, Arnason JT.  2011.  Seasonal variation of phenolic constituents and medicinal activities of Northern Labrador tea, Rhododendron tomentosum ssp. subarcticum, an Inuit and cree First Nations traditional medicine.. 77(14):1655-62.
Bobbish-Rondeau E, Boston P, Iserhoff H.  1996.  The Cree Experience of Diabetes: A qualitative study of the impact of diabetes among the James Bay Cree. PDF icon 51-99-1-SM.pdf (97.79 KB)
Bobet E.  2008.  How the healing plants work to lower blood sugar levels. PDF icon FRP-007-1-03-X Martineau 2008-09-24 (PlainLanguage).pdf (42.65 KB)
Bobet E.  2010.  ''Fingerprinting'' different plants in the Heath family. PDF icon FRP-003-5-01-X Saleem 2008-07-09 (PlainLanguage).pdf (42.81 KB)
Bobet E.  2010.  How Labrador tea affects diabetes in mice. PDF icon FRP-029-01-01-12 Ouchfoun 2010-12-07 (PlainLanguage).pdf (215.91 KB)
Bobet E.  2007.  Can Iiyiyiu healing plants help with heart disease caused by diabetes? PDF icon [4] NFRP-3-01-Y Grandi (PlainLanguage).pdf (46.43 KB)
Bobet E.  2008.  Safety of some of the Iiyiyiu healing plants. PDF icon FRP-005-06-01-Y Tam thesis plainlang-aug11-08-pdf version.pdf (120.44 KB)
Bobet E.  2003.  Injuries in Eeyou Istchee: A Description Based on the Statistics. PDF icon 40-77-1-SM.pdf (1.62 MB)
Bobet E.  2009.  Results of the Goodman “Strengths and Difficulties” Scale in Iiyiyiu Aschii : Discussion paper for the Cree Board of Health. PDF icon ACS Methodological Issue with Goodman Scale Eeyou Istchee_0.pdf (234.37 KB)
Bobet E.  2014.  How balsam fir helps liver cells balance their sugarmaking and storage activities. PDF icon FRP-043-01-01-15 Nachar-balsam-PL-Apr29-2014.pdf (16.29 KB)
Bobet E.  2007.  Iiyiyiu healing plants and how body cells absorb sugar. PDF icon [1] NFRP-2-Y Leduc Iiyiyiu healing plants and how body cells absorb sugar 07.pdf (25.36 KB)
Bobet E.  2008.  Lowbush cranberry and AGEs. Preventing some of the problems that go with diabetes.. PDF icon FRP-004-5-02-X Beaulieu 2008-08-19 (PlainLanguage).pdf (96.61 KB)
Bobet E.  2013.  Summary Report on the Nituuchischaayihtitaau Aschii Multi-Community Environment-and-Health Study. PDF icon E-and-H- Summary report_Final 02-10-15.pdf (1008.51 KB)


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