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Trevors T.  2001.  Neonatal Morbidity Among Macrosomic Infants in the James Bay Cree Populations of Northern Quebec. PDF icon 26.pdf (287.64 KB)
Torrie J, Sanderson D.  2008.  Study into foster care and the movement of children. :20p.PDF icon Study into Foster Care and the movement of Children June 5, 2008 [Compatibility Mode].pdf (748.84 KB)
Torrie J, Bobet E, Kishchuk N.  2005.  The Evolution of Health Status and Health Determinants in the Cree Region. PDF icon Evolution of Health Status ...CBHSSJB Sectoral Report Volume 1.pdf (2.08 MB)PDF icon Evolution of Health status...CBHSSJB Sectoral Report Volume 2.pdf (3.42 MB)
Torrie J, Moar D, Muir R.  2003.  Miyuukanuweyimisuutaau (Taking care of ourselves). PDF icon 46.pdf (845.43 KB)
Torrie J, Lejeune P, Administration WSibi.  2008.  Washaw Sibi Health Needs Assessment Report. PDF icon Washaw Sibi Health Needs Assessment Report.pdf (370.26 KB)
Torrie J.  2006.  Summary report of Proceedings Final Version: Workshop on the Integration of Cree Traditional Healing in Health Care Services. PDF icon 27.pdf (249.34 KB)
Torrie J, Gill KJ.  2009.  Highlights report on gambling and addictions : Chiyämäy'timuwin ä nändu'chischäy'täkinüch : the "in search of peace of mind" project, gambling, addiction and mental health in Eeyou Istchee. PDF icon Highlights report on Gambling and Addictions.pdf (175.01 KB)
Thouez J-P, Foggin PM, Verdy M.  1990.  Obesity, Hypertension, Hyperuricemia and Diabetes Mellitus among the Cree and Inuit of Northern Québec. PDF icon 35.pdf (179.9 KB)
Tam TW.  2008.  The effects of Cree anti-diabetic natural products on drug metabolism and cardiomyocytes. PDF icon FRP-005-06-01-Y Foster - Tam 2008 (Thesis First Draft)_July 27.pdf (948.72 KB)PDF icon FRP-005-06-01-Y Tam thesis plainlang-aug11-08-pdf version.pdf (120.44 KB)
Tam TW, Liu R, Arnason JT, Krantis A, Staines WA, Haddad PS, Foster BC.  2011.  Cree antidiabetic plant extracts display mechanism-based inactivation of CYP3A4.. 89(1):13-23.
Tam TW, Liu R, Arnason JT, Krantis A, Staines WA, Haddad PS, Foster BC.  2009.  Actions of ethnobotanically selected Cree anti-diabetic plants on human cytochrome P450 isoforms and flavin-containing monooxygenase 3..
Tam B, Tsuji LJS, Martin ID, Liberda EN, Ayotte P, Côté S, Dewailly E, Nieboer E.  2015.  Iodine status of Eeyou Istchee community members of northern Quebec, Canada, and potential sources.. Environ Sci Process Impacts. 17(4):844-53.
Tam TW, Liu R, Mao J, Saleem A, Arnason JT, Krantis A, Haddad P, Foster BC.  2010.  Testing if teas and some traditional medicine could interfere with western drugs. PDF icon FRP-023-6-06-X Tam 2010-09-16 (PlainLanguage).pdf (199.9 KB)
Tabib C, Bobet E.  2009.  CIHR Team in Aboriginal Anti-Diabetic Medicines. PDF icon CIHR Aboriginal Anti-Diabetic Plant project_ Tabib 2009.pdf (2.24 MB)
Tabib C.  2011.  Understanding cultural adherence and the use of traditional medicine in Waskaganish First Nation. :156p.PDF icon FRP-023-3-03-Y Tabib 2010-11-02 (PlainLanguage).pdf (271.02 KB)