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Campagna S, Lévesque B, Laouan Sidi EA, Côté S, Serhir B, Ward BJ, Libman MD, Drebot MA, Makowski K, Andonova M et al..  2011.  Seroprevalence of 10 zoonotic infections in 2 Canadian Cree communities.. 70(2):191-9.
Carlin R, Lejeune P.  2006.  Rapport sur les maladies à déclaration obligatoire (MADO) de 1990 à 2005 pour la Région des Terres-cries-de-la-Baie- James (Eeyou Istchee). PDF icon Rapports des MADO_2006.pdf (93.53 KB)
Carlin R.  2004.  L’État de la situation de la tuberculose et l’usage du vaccin BCG dans les Terres cries de la baie James = Review of Tuberculosis Control and BCG Vaccine use in the Cree Territory of James Bay. :25p.PDF icon Sommaire TB et BCG - Région 18 _FINAL_.pdf (99.02 KB)
Carlin R, Lejeune P.  2006.  Notifiable Disease (MADO) Report for 1990 to 2005 for the Cree Territory of James Bay (Eeyou Istchee). :11p.PDF icon MADO report_ 2006.pdf (94.13 KB)
Carlin DRobert, Linton P.  2014.  Inquiry into the impacts of uranium development in Quebec Bureau des audiences publiques sur l’environnement and James Bay Advisory Committee on the Environment: Public Health Questions. PDF icon Statement and questions from the Director of Public Health Dr. Robert Carlin and Mr. Paul Linton, Assistant Director (573.96 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2013.  Regional Mental Health Schedule. PDF icon Mental Health Schedule Jan-June 2019 -new.pdf (296.68 KB)PDF icon Child and Adult Psychiatry Visits 2019.pdf (30.34 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2015.  What clients think about mental health services in the communities of Eeyou Istchee. PDF icon Mental Health Services Handout.pdf (991.95 KB)
CBHSSJB, Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay(CBHSSJB).  2020.  COVID-19 What to do Posters. PDF icon COVID_WhatToDo_Poster_20200323_v7 (1).pdf (215.73 KB)PDF icon COVID_WhatToDo_Poster_20200323_v7_print.pdf (216.39 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2013.  James Bay Phone Book listing. PDF icon 2-page-blue-pages (768.98 KB)PDF icon medical-emergency-numbers (651.21 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2018.  CBHSSJB Logo Package. Package icon Zip folder containing CBHSSJB logo design files (21.87 MB)
CBHSSJB.  2015.  Information pour dentistes remplaçants. PDF icon Fiche d'information candidature dentiste remplaçant.pdf (734.36 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2015.  Take Steps Now and Become a Nurse. PDF icon Nurses - Postcard updated v1.pdf (687.58 KB)
CBHSSJB, MikwChiyam, Cree School Board.  2018.  Suicide Awareness and Prevention Posters - MikwChiyam Collaboration. Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT.jpg (192.63 KB)Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT2.jpg (94.91 KB)Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT3.jpg (124.04 KB)Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT4.jpg (124.35 KB)Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT5.jpg (185.18 KB)Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT6.jpg (185.04 KB)Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT7.jpg (127.36 KB)Image icon CSB-Posters-12x18-PRINT8.jpg (127.7 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2016.  Council of Nurses / CII. PDF icon CN 8.5 x 11 handout FINAL DRAFT eng-fra.pdf (1.12 MB)
CBHSSJB.  2016.  Photograph and Video Release Form. PDF icon CBHSSJBModelReleaseDOC.pdf (81.77 KB)
CBHSSJB, Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay(CBHSSJB).  2020.  PSA - COVID-19 Protect Each Other and Stay Home. PDF icon Protect Each Other and Stay Home - PSA - March 23 2020 - CBHSSJB.pdf (588.83 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2017.  Job Posting Executive Director Affichage de poste Directeur exécutif 2017. PDF icon CBHSSJB EDPostingEng - Finaljun16.pdf (236.13 KB)PDF icon CCSSSBJ DGAffichageFra - Final16juin.pdf (210.37 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2006.  Handouts for the maternal and child health program. Package icon Maternal and child health handouts (7.39 MB)PDF icon CH12 - Benefits of Breastfeeding (186.07 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2016.  Maanuuhiikuu Mental Health Services pamphlet. PDF icon Maanuuhiikuu pamphlet - FINALfromdesigner.pdf (2.38 MB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2013.  Corporate Slides. Office presentation icon CBHSSJB slides ENG+FRA.ppt (745.5 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2014.  Board of Directors meeting summaries. Audio icon Cree language summary of April 26, 2013 Board meeting. (6.37 MB)Audio icon Cree language summary of September 18-20, 2013 Board meeting by CHB Chair Bella M. Petawabano (7.97 MB)PDF icon April 26, 2013 Special Board (255.08 KB)PDF icon ᐋ ᑎᐹᑎᑖᒡ  (50.6 KB)PDF icon July30-Aug1-2013-Board-Highlights (283.34 KB)PDF icon September _18-20_2013_Board_Highlights.pdf (500.59 KB)PDF icon Oct2013BoardHighlights (402.06 KB)PDF icon December 11-13 2013 Board Highlights.pdf (699.62 KB)PDF icon February 6 2014 Board Highlights.pdf (613.52 KB)PDF icon March 18-20 2014 Board Highlights.pdf (123.23 KB)PDF icon June 25-27 2014 Board Highlights.pdf (393.86 KB)PDF icon September 16-18 2014 Board Highlights.pdf (370.81 KB)PDF icon Dec 9-11 2014 Board Highlights.pdf (591.99 KB)PDF icon June 23-25 2015 Board Highlights.pdf (525.3 KB)PDF icon Aug 4 2015 Board Highlights.pdf (247.88 KB)PDF icon November 13 Special Board Highlights.pdf (186.58 KB)PDF icon December 8-10 2015 Board Highlights.pdf (509.01 KB)PDF icon April 28-29 2016 Board Highlights.pdf (428.15 KB)PDF icon January 28 2016 Board Highlights.pdf (242.85 KB)PDF icon February 12 2016 Board Highlights.pdf (222.21 KB)PDF icon Board Highlights Mar 22-24 2016.pdf (234.89 KB)PDF icon Board Highlights 20160614-16.pdf (484.96 KB)PDF icon Board Highlights 20160712.pdf (209.01 KB)PDF icon BoD Highlights 2016-12-06-08.pdf (528.31 KB)PDF icon BoD Sept 13-15 2016.pdf (188.05 KB)PDF icon BoD Oct 11 2016.pdf (394.52 KB)PDF icon board-highlights-201706.pdf (592.94 KB)PDF icon board-highlights-201709.pdf (628.35 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2016.  CBHSSJB Employee Telephone Directory. PDF icon Employee phone directory (January, 2016) (265.31 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2013.  Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program brochure. PDF icon Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program brochure (221.12 KB)
Sam AT, Smith T.  2018.  2018 Calendar - Calendrier 2018. PDF icon 2018 Calendar EN 11x17.pdf (154.71 KB)PDF icon 2018 Calendar EN letter.pdf (35.57 MB)PDF icon 2018 Calendar FR 11x17.pdf (154.56 KB)PDF icon 2018 Calendar FR letter.pdf (35.57 MB)
CBHSSJB, Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay(CBHSSJB).  2020.  COVID-19 Social Distancing Posters. PDF icon COVID_SocialDistancing_Poster_20200320_v4A (1).pdf (253.15 KB)PDF icon COVID_SocialDistancing_Poster_20200320_v4B (1).pdf (269.59 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2016.  CBHSSJB Code of Ethics (updated 2016). PDF icon Code of Ethics (approved 2016) (825.14 KB)
CBHSSJB.  In Press.  Annual Reports of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay. PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2016-2017 (8.31 MB)PDF icon Rapport annuel CCSSSBJ 2016-2017 (7.39 MB)PDF icon Rapport annuel du CCSSSBJ 2015-2016 (9.68 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2015-2016 (7.6 MB)PDF icon Rapport annuel du CCSSSBJ 2014-2015 (13.13 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2014-2015 (5.73 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2013-2014 (13.05 MB)PDF icon Rapport annuel du CCSSSBJ 2013-2014 (26.88 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2012-2013 (8.69 MB)PDF icon Rapport annuel du CCSSSBJ 2012-2013 (4.92 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Summary Financial Statement 2012-2013 (996.12 KB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2011-2012 (4.47 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Summary Audited Financial Statement 2011-2012 (315.58 KB)PDF icon Rapport annuel de gestion du Conseil Cri de la santé et des services sociaux de la Baie James, 2011-2012, Résumé Français (1.21 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2010-2011 (4.63 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2009-2010 (1.94 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2008-2009 (1.95 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2007-2008 (2.34 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2006-2007 (3.38 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2005-2006 (12.39 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2004-2005 (8.64 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2003-2004 (9.26 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2002-2003 (8.08 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2001-2002 (7.51 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 1999-2000 (6.16 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 1998-1999 (5.76 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 1988-1989 (2.01 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 1983-1984 (1.25 MB)PDF icon AS-471 2017-2018 (3.02 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2017-2018 (11.19 MB)PDF icon Rapport annuel du CCSSSBJ 2017-2018 (11.25 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Rapport Annuel 2018-2019.pdf (7.18 MB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Annual Report 2018-2019.pdf (8.92 MB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2016.  Press release Bill 131 - Communique PL 113. PDF icon CBHSSJB_Communique_PL113_20161006.pdf (170.41 KB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Press Release Bill 113  (170.18 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2015.  Media Relations Policy. PDF icon CBHSSJB Media Relations Policy Approved June 23 2015-finalized July 10.pdf (776.88 KB)PDF icon CBHSSJB Social Media Policy Approved June 14, 2016.pdf (882.39 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2016.  2016 Calendar - Calendrier. PDF icon 2016 Calendar EN FINAL 8-5x11.pdf (1.52 MB)PDF icon 2016 Calendar FR FINAL 8-5x11.pdf (1.52 MB)
CBHSSJB, Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay(CBHSSJB).  2020.  COVID-19 Protect Yourself Posters. PDF icon COVID-19_Poster-ProtectYourself_20200319.pdf (190.95 KB)PDF icon COVID-19_Poster-ProtectYourself_20200319_print.pdf (220.8 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2017.  Rapport soins de fin de vie - Report on end of life care. PDF icon rapport-findevie-201612-201706.pdf (86.24 KB)PDF icon CBHSSJB-endoflife-report-201612-2017-06 (308.45 KB)PDF icon rapport-findevie-201706-201712.pdf (87.12 KB)PDF icon rapport-findevie-201712-201803.pdf (230.82 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2018.  2018 Regional Assembly on Health and Social Services reference documents. PDF icon Delegate Information Kit (2.85 MB)PDF icon Regional Assembly Speakers and Invites April 3 (77.44 KB)Office presentation icon Minnie's Hope PPT presentation (Marianne Martin) (26.58 MB)Office presentation icon Regional Mental Health Suicide Poster Campaign (Juliana Snowboy) (1.57 MB)Office presentation icon Aaschihkuwaataauch PPT (Gregory Brass) (8.81 MB)Office presentation icon IAMP Update PPT (Lucy Trapper and Darlene Shecapio-Blacksmith) (547.35 KB)Office presentation icon Maamuu Uhpichinaausuutaau PPT (Kelly Pepabano) (4.43 MB)PDF icon 2016 Cree Way of Voting Results (Cree) (80.66 KB)PDF icon Maamuu Cafe (Cree) (472.29 KB)Office presentation icon Ashuukin Residential Services (Pauline Lameboy) (444.4 KB)PDF icon Agenda Revised April 6 (96.32 KB)PDF icon Delegate Info Kit (updated April 6) (2.86 MB)Office presentation icon IAMP Partnership - working together (Lucy Trapper and Darlene Shecapio-Blacksmith) (670.02 KB)PDF icon List of Delegates (April 9) (79.39 KB)PDF icon Opening Remarks_ Bella M Petawabano Regional Health Assembly_Waswanipi April 10, 2018.pdf (74.99 KB)PDF icon Speaking Notes GC Abel Bosum - CBHSSJB Regional General Assembly Waswanipi, April 10, 2018.pdf (149.67 KB)PDF icon Order-in-Council.CBHSSJB Region 10B.pdf (150.13 KB)PDF icon Whapmagoostui Nishiiyuu Land-Based Healing Program (Matthew Mukash) (50.89 MB)PDF icon Open Space Discussion (53 MB) (52.27 MB)PDF icon Open Space Discussion (6 MB) (6.01 MB)PDF icon April 2018 CBHSSJB Partnership Declaration (1.22 MB)PDF icon 2018 Assembly Community Priorities (645.37 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ, Mukash N, Smith T.  2017.  2017 Calendar - Calendrier 2017. PDF icon 2017 Calendar EN Final web letter.pdf (2.66 MB)PDF icon 2017 Calendar EN Final web tabloid.pdf (1.39 MB)PDF icon 2017 calendrier FR final web lettre.pdf (1.39 MB)PDF icon 2017 calendrier FR final web tabloid.pdf (1.39 MB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2016.  Projet de loi 99 (2016) - Mémoire du CCSSSBJ - Brief of the CBHSSJB. PDF icon Mémoire Projet de loi 99 (764.99 KB)PDF icon Brief Law 99  (231.01 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2014.  2014 Calendar - Calendrier 2014. PDF icon 2014 Calendar EN 8.5x11.pdf (213.41 KB)PDF icon 2014 Calendar EN 8.5x14.pdf (257.12 KB)PDF icon 2014 Calendar FR 8.5x11.pdf (211.1 KB)PDF icon 2014 Calendar FR 8.5x14.pdf (254.56 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2015.  Human Resources Policies / Politiques des Ressources humaines. PDF icon Staffing Policy-Employees-July26-2011.pdf (1.58 MB)PDF icon Policy against harassment and violence in the workplace G-115-03-11.pdf (244.79 KB)PDF icon Politique pour contrer le harcèlement et la violence au travail G-115-03-11.pdf (327.82 KB)PDF icon G-115-03-22 Staffing Policy -Managers revis.pdf (1.39 MB)PDF icon Housing_Board-Policy-March 24_2016-approved.pdf (384.81 KB)PDF icon Housing-Procedures-March_24_2016-approved.pdf (1.1 MB)
CBHSSJB, Waterman N.  2013.  Medical recruitment PowerPoint - Recrutement de personnel médical. PDF icon Powerpoint Recrutement de médecins, résidents et étudiants en médecine (3.46 MB)PDF icon Medical recruitment powerpoint (3.5 MB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2017.  CBHSSJB Strategic Regional Plan SRP - 2016-2021 - CCSSSBJ Plan Strategique Regional PSR. PDF icon 2016-2021 Plan stratégique régional (1.57 MB)PDF icon 2016-2021 Strategic Regional Plan (1.58 MB)
CCSSSBJ, CBHSSJB.  2012.  Code d'Ethique du CCSSSBJ. PDF icon Code d'éthique du CCSSSBJ (784.29 KB)