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Willows NDianne, Johnson MS, Ball GDC.  2007.  Prevalence estimates of overweight and obesity in Cree preschool children in northern Quebec according to international and US reference criteria.. 97(2):311-6.
Vinet C, Godin C, Linton P.  2015.  Presentation Access Nutritious Foods CNG-AGA 2015. PDF icon Presentation Access Nutritious Foods CNG-AGA 2015 (753.43 KB)
Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay(CBHSSJB).  2004.  Preliminary gambling report. PDF icon Preliminary report on gambling (83.8 KB)
Brennand EA, Dannenbaum DA, Willows NDianne.  2005.  Pregnancy Outcomes of First Nations Women in Relation to Pregravid Weight and Pregnancy Weight Gain. PDF icon 41.pdf (111.18 KB)
Harbilas D, Brault A, Vallerand D, Martineau LC, Saleem A, Arnason JT, Musallam L, Haddad PS.  2012.  Populus balsamifera L. (Salicaceae) mitigates the development of obesity and improves insulin sensitivity in a diet-induced obese mouse model.. J Ethnopharmacol. 141(3):1012-20.
Ryan SD, Harris CS, Mo F, Lee H, Hou ST, Bazan NG, Haddad PS, Arnason JT, Bennett SAL.  2007.  Platelet activating factor-induced neuronal apoptosis is initiated independently of its G-protein coupled PAF receptor and is inhibited by the benzoate orsellinic acid.. J Neurochem. 103(1):88-97.
Lucas M, Dewailly E, Blanchet C, Gingras S, Holub BJ.  2009.  Plasma n-3 fatty acids and psychological distress in aboriginal Cree Indians (Canada).. 12(12):2343-51.
Liberda EN, Tsuji LJS, Martin ID, Côté S, Ayotte P, Dewailly E, Nieboer E.  2014.  Plasma concentrations of persistent organic pollutants in the Cree of northern Quebec, Canada: results from the multi-community environment-and-health study.. Sci Total Environ. 470-471:818-28.PDF icon Baseline measures for POP_Liberda PL-Dec19-2013.pdf (121.55 KB)
Leduc C, Coonishish J, Haddad PS, Cuerrier A.  2006.  Plants used by the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee (Quebec, Canada) for the treatment of diabetes: A novel approach in quantitative ethnobotany.. 105(1-2):55-63.PDF icon [2] NFRP-2-X Leduc A new way to look at the plants that Iiyiyiuch traditionally used for diabetes.pdf (14.94 KB)
Harris CS, Mo F, Migahed L, Chepelev L, Haddad PS, Wright JS, Willmore WG, Arnason JT, Bennett SAL.  2007.  Plant phenolics regulate neoplastic cell growth and survival: a quantitative structure-activity and biochemical analysis.. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 85(11):1124-38.
Harris CS, Ryan S, Moffat T, Mo F, Haddad PS, Arnason J T, Bennett SAL.  2008.  Plant ingredients and protection of brain cells. PDF icon FRP-010-4-03-XY Harris 2008-10-02 (PlainLanguage).pdf (16.45 KB)
Bates V, Bates N, Bergeron L.  2000.  Planning research for greater community involvement and long-term benefits.
Muhammad A, Haddad PS, Durst T, Arnason J T.  2013.  Phytochemical constituents of Sarracenia purpurea L. (pitcher plant).. Phytochemistry. 94:238-42.PDF icon FRP-047 and 048 Pitcher plant ingreds PLrev April 11, 2011.pdf (14.75 KB)
Henderson J.  2014.  Physical Activity.
Foro A, Béziers L, Dr Robinson EJ, Torrie J.  2014.  Perceptions of the leaders and professionals of Eeyou Istchee in regard to climate change and its effects on human health: Report on the consultations. PDF icon Perceptions on climate change 2013.pdf (740.46 KB)PDF icon Perceptions aux changements climatiques 2013.pdf (755.77 KB)
Foro A, Béziers L, Dr Robinson EJ, Torrie J.  2013.  Perceptions of the leaders and professionals of Eeyou Istchee in regard to climate change and its effects on human health. PDF icon Perceptions of the leaders and professionals of Eeyou Istchee in regard to climate change and its effects on human health (740.46 KB)PDF icon Perceptions des leaders et des professionnels d'Eeyou Istchee quant aux changements climatiques et à leurs effets sur la santé (755.77 KB)
Kuzmina E, Godin C.  2015.  Patient partnership approach to diabetes care in Eeyou Istchee: Identifying barriers and facilitators (pilot project). PDF icon Patient partnership approach to diabetes care in Eeyou Istchee: Identifying barriers and facilitators (1.26 MB)
Bernier J-LT, Maheux AF, Boissinot M, Picard FJ, Bissonnette L, Martin D, Dewailly E, Bergeron MG.  2009.  Onsite Microbiological Quality Monitoring of Raw Source Water in Cree Community of Mistissini. 44(4):345-354.
Kuzmina E.  2011.  Online Program Evaluation resources for the Public Health Department. PDF icon Essential online evaluation references (511.1 KB)Office presentation icon Introduction to program evaluation (427 KB)
Proust F, Drescher O, Laouan-Sidi EA, Dr Robinson EJ, Lucas M, Dewailly E.  2016.  Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid profiles and relationship with cardiometabolic risk factors in Cree (Eeyouch) of Northern Québec.. Int J Circumpolar Health. 75:30361.
Thouez J-P, Foggin PM, Verdy M.  1990.  Obesity, Hypertension, Hyperuricemia and Diabetes Mellitus among the Cree and Inuit of Northern Québec. PDF icon 35.pdf (179.9 KB)
Zhou Y E.  2011.  Obesity and dietary transition and their correlates with fatty acids and desaturases in three distinct populations. :216p..
Ng C, Marshall D, Willows NDianne.  2006.  Obesity, adiposity, physical fitness and activity levels in Cree children.. 65(4):322-30.
Henderson J.  2014.  Nutrition.
Carlin R, Lejeune P.  2006.  Notifiable Disease (MADO) Report for 1990 to 2005 for the Cree Territory of James Bay (Eeyou Istchee). :11p.PDF icon MADO report_ 2006.pdf (94.13 KB)
Bonnier-Viger Y, Dewailly E, Egeland GM, Nieboer E, Pereg D.  2007.  Nituuchischaayihtitaau Aschii Multi-community Environment-and-health Longitudinal Study in Iiyiyiu Aschii: Mistissini Technical Report. PDF icon Environmental Health Study- Technical Report of Mistissini.pdf (1.6 MB)
Nieboer E, Dewailly E, Johnson-Down L, Sampasa-Kanyinga H, Chauteau-Degat M-L, Egeland GM, Atikessé L, Dr Robinson EJ, Torrie J.  2013.  Nituuchischaayihtitaau Aschii Multi-Community Environment-and-Health Study in Eyou Istchee, 2005-2009: Final Technical Report. PDF icon Technical Report (4.27 MB)PDF icon Report Appendices (5.87 MB)
Bonnier-Viger Y, Château-Degat M-L, Dewailly E, Egeland GM, Nieboer E.  2011.  Nituuchischaayihtitaau Aschii multi-community environment and health longitudinal study in Eeyou Istchee: Eastmain and Wemindji Technical Report. PDF icon Eastmain-Wemindji report pdf 15-06-11_0.pdf (5.33 MB)
Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB), Niskamoon Corporation.  2005.  Nituuchischaayihtitaau Aschii multi-community environment and health longitudinal study in Eeyou Istchee: Community reports. PDF icon Chisasibi (888.68 KB)PDF icon Eastmain (2.32 MB)PDF icon Mistissini (1.68 MB)PDF icon Waskaganish (4.22 MB)PDF icon Waswanipi (2.35 MB)PDF icon Wemindji (3.21 MB)PDF icon Whapmagoostui (1.68 MB)
Heffez A.  2010.  Nituuchischaayihtitaau Aschii : 2nd Annual Scientific Gathering, February 25-26, 2010 : summary of presentations & discussions. :38p.PDF icon Nituuchischaayihtitaau Aschii 2nd Scientific gathering report 2010.pdf (1.4 MB)
Larson C, Pelchat Y, Trépanier L.  1988.  Neuromotor Disabilities within the James Bay Cree Pediatric Population. PDF icon 33.pdf (69.87 KB)
Trevors T.  2001.  Neonatal Morbidity Among Macrosomic Infants in the James Bay Cree Populations of Northern Quebec. PDF icon 26.pdf (287.64 KB)
Nieboer E, VanSpronsen E.  2004.  A needs and feasibility study for a comprehensive assessment of exposure to mercury [and other contaminants] and health status of Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee : final report. :8p.PDF icon Needs and Feasibility study_exposure to Mercury 2004 - Final Report.pdf (40.42 KB)
Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB).  2010.  Motor Vehicle Crashes in Eeyou Istchee: An overview of the death and hospitalization statistics, 1985-2007. PDF icon Motor vehicle factsheet.pdf (468.42 KB)
Weinstein P, Harrison R, Benton T.  2004.  Motivating parents to prevent caries in their young children - One-year findings. PDF icon 74.pdf (308.69 KB)
Torrie J, Moar D, Muir R.  2003.  Miyuukanuweyimisuutaau (Taking care of ourselves). PDF icon 46.pdf (845.43 KB)
Gaudin VLaberge, Receveur O, Walz L, Girard F, Potvin L.  2014.  A mixed methods inquiry into the determinants of traditional food consumption among three Cree communities of Eeyou Istchee from an ecological perspective.. Int J Circumpolar Health. 73:24918.
Willows NDianne.  2011.  Mistissini Angelo Summary Report. PDF icon MISTISSINI ANGELO SUMMARY REPORT FINAL.pdf (233.06 KB)
Drescher O, Dewailly E, Diorio C, Ouellet N, Sidi EAnassour L, Abdous B, Valera B, Ayotte P.  2014.  Methylmercury exposure, PON1 gene variants and serum paraoxonase activity in Eastern James Bay Cree adults.
Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay(CBHSSJB).  2009.  Methodological Issues in Statistics Canada’s 2006 Aboriginal Children’s Survey : Implications for Iiyiyiu Aschii. PDF icon ACS Methodological Issue Regarding Age at time of survey.pdf (50.39 KB)