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.  2013.  INESS Protocoles et Guides.
CBHSSJB.  2013.  Regional Mental Health Schedule. PDF icon Mental Health Schedule Jan-June 2019 -new.pdf (296.68 KB)PDF icon Child and Adult Psychiatry Visits 2019.pdf (30.34 KB)
CBHSSJB.  2015.  Information pour dentistes remplaçants. PDF icon Fiche d'information candidature dentiste remplaçant.pdf (734.36 KB)
CBHSSJB, CCSSSBJ.  2017.  Rapport soins de fin de vie - Report on end of life care. PDF icon rapport-findevie-201612-201706.pdf (86.24 KB)PDF icon CBHSSJB-endoflife-report-201612-2017-06 (308.45 KB)PDF icon rapport-findevie-201706-201712.pdf (87.12 KB)PDF icon rapport-findevie-201712-201803.pdf (230.82 KB)
CDA.  2008.  Canadian Diabetes Association 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines.
CMDP.  2005.  Phenytoin IV protocol. PDF icon Phenytoin IV protocol (2005) (69.23 KB)
CMDP.  2012.  Pediatric Respiratory Assessment Measure (PRAM) Guide v.25. PDF icon Pediatric Respiratory Assessment Measure (PRAM) v. 25 (464 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI) Guide -­‐ Adult. PDF icon Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI) Guide -­‐ Adult (updated 2013) (308.86 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Smoking Cessation Guide v.1 (pharmacotherapy). PDF icon Smoking Cessation Guide v.1 (226.67 KB)
CMDP.  2011.  STEMI Thrombolysis Protocol STElevation MI. PDF icon STEMI Thrombolysis Protocol STElevation MI (430.29 KB)
CMDP.  2007.  Preterm Labour protocol Travail Premature. Microsoft Office document icon CHB fetal Fibronectin (fFN) Guideline (2007) (52 KB)PDF icon Protocol for Intermittent Auscultation (IA) in Labor (2005) (820.5 KB)PDF icon Tocolysis Protocol (2006) (829.22 KB)PDF icon Tocolysis with Nifedipine Protocol (2007) (830.13 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Ste-Justine Hospital Protocols.
CMDP.  2013.  New anticoagulants for prevention of CVA in patients with A. fib position statement. PDF icon New anticoagulants for prevention of CVA in patients with A. fib position statement (94.44 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Alcohol Withdrawal Management Guide. PDF icon CBHSSJB Alcohol Withdrawal Management Protocol  (361.95 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Installing an intraosseous Infusion System (EZ-IO). PDF icon Installing an intraosseous Infusion System (EZ-IO) (934.07 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Point of care (beside) serum Ketone (b-Hydroxybutyrate) testing. PDF icon Ketone b-Hydroxybutyrate POC testing.pdf (859.51 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Point of care (bedside) serum Acetaminophen toxicity testing. PDF icon Acetominophen POC testing.pdf (931.41 KB)
CMDP, .  2015.  Regional guidelines for routine testing in chronic diseases. PDF icon Regional Guidelines for Routine Testing in Chronic Diseases - final 29-09-15.pdf (174.34 KB)
CMDP.  2012.  ALSO Cards, NRP algorithms, NRP medications. PDF icon ALSO Cards (2005) (2.13 MB)PDF icon NRP Algorithm (2012) (551.32 KB)PDF icon Medications for Neonatal Resuscitation Program (2011, Canadian Adaptation) (72.28 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Beriplex. PDF icon Administration du complexe prothrombique humain beriplex (225.39 KB)PDF icon Mixing instructions for Beriplex (306.54 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Dopamine Intravenous Guide. PDF icon Dopamine Guide v25 (March, 2013) (311.35 KB)
CMDP.  2012.  Protocol for the Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and Pre-existing diabetes during pregnancy. PDF icon Protocol for the Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and Pre-existing diabetes during pregnancy (2.67 MB)PDF icon Protocole pour la prise en charge du diabète gestationnel (diabète de grossesse - DG) et diabète préexistant et grossesse (3.19 MB)
CMDP.  2005.  Heparine IV. PDF icon Heparin IV page 1 (49.98 KB)PDF icon Heparin IV page 2 (25.94 KB)
CMDP.  2012.  Infection Prevention Infections. PDF icon C. Difficile Protocol (2011) (594.11 KB)PDF icon Community-acquired MRSA (English, 2012) (376.09 KB)PDF icon SARM Communautaire (Français, 2012) (418.6 KB)PDF icon MRSA Protocol (2010) (1.76 MB)PDF icon SARM pamphlet (Français) (144.46 KB)PDF icon MRSA pamphlet (English) (138.62 KB)PDF icon VRE Protocol (2011) (191.1 KB)
CMDP.  2007.  Intoxication Tylenol Acetaminophen. PDF icon Mucomist Protocol (English) (88.64 KB)PDF icon Protocole Mucomist (Français) (65.04 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Nitoglycerin IV Guide. PDF icon Nitroglycerin IV Guide v.18 (2013) (219.08 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Norepinephrine IV Guide v17. PDF icon Norepinephrine IV Guide v17 (2013) (223.93 KB)
CMDP.  2013.  Pantoprazole IV Guide. PDF icon Pantoprazole IV Guide (2013) (216.74 KB)


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