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Girard M, Dumont C.  1995.  Exposure of James Bay Cree to methylmercury during pregnancy for the years 1983–91.
Bussieres D, Ayotte P, Levallois P, Dewailly E, Nieboer E, Gingras S, Côté S.  2004.  Exposure of a Cree population living near mine tailings in northern Quebec (Canada) to metals and metalloids.. 59(12):732-41.
Dewailly E, Nieboer E.  2005.  Exposure and preliminary health assessments of the Oujé-Bougoumou Cree population to mine tailings residues : report of the survey. :257p..
Charania NA, Tsuji LJS, Martin ID, Liberda EN, Côté S, Ayotte P, Dewailly E, Nieboer E.  2014.  An examination of traditional foods and cigarette smoking as cadmium sources among the nine First Nations of Eeyou Istchee, Northern Quebec, Canada.. Environ Sci Process Impacts. 16(6):1422-33.
Torrie J, Bobet E, Kishchuk N.  2005.  The Evolution of Health Status and Health Determinants in the Cree Region. PDF icon Evolution of Health Status ...CBHSSJB Sectoral Report Volume 1.pdf (2.08 MB)PDF icon Evolution of Health status...CBHSSJB Sectoral Report Volume 2.pdf (3.42 MB)
Lavallée C.  1988.  Evaluation of the Bush Kit Program. PDF icon Evaluation of the Bush Kit Program 1988 (2 MB)
Harbilas D, Martineau LC, Harris CS, Adeyiwola-Spoor DCA, Saleem A, Lambert J, Caves D, Johns T, Prentki M, Cuerrier A et al..  2009.  Evaluation of the antidiabetic potential of selected medicinal plant extracts from the Canadian boreal forest used to treat symptoms of diabetes: part II.. 87(6):479-92.PDF icon FRP-002-1-01-XY Harbilas 2008-03 (PlainLanguage).pdf (38.84 KB)
Bergeron J, Lambert-Auger R, Bobet E, Torrie J.  2009.  An evaluation of how the Cree Health Board manages its training programs. :146p.PDF icon An evaluation of how the CHB manages its training programs.pdf (3.05 MB)
Gaudot K.  2003.  Évaluation formative d'un projet "Chef Santé" dans deux communautés cries de la Baie James : Eastmain et Mistissini. :159p.PDF icon Evaluation formative d'un project-Chef Sante- dans deux communautes cries de la Baie James-Eastmain and Mistissini.pdf (2.44 MB)PDF icon Evaluation formative d'un project -Chef Sante- dans deux communautes cries de la Baie James_ poster.pdf (324.81 KB)
Lasry OJ.  2015.  The epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in the Cree Communities of Eeyou Istchee. PDF icon The epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in the Cree Communities of Eeyou Istchee (1.46 MB)
Muecke C, Dr Robinson EJ.  2002.  Ensuring the Safety of tap water in Eeyou Istchee Communities. PDF icon 55-107-1-SM.pdf (659.04 KB)
Martineau LC, Adeyiwola-Spoor DCA, Vallerand D, Afshar A, Arnason JT, Haddad PS.  2010.  Enhancement of muscle cell glucose uptake by medicinal plant species of Canada's native populations is mediated by a common, metformin-like mechanism.. J Ethnopharmacol. 127(2):396-406.PDF icon FRP-007-1-03-X Martineau 2008-09-24 (PlainLanguage).pdf (42.65 KB)
Willows NDianne, Downs SM, Marshall D, Raine KD, McCargor L, Ng C, Arnold A, Denise R.  2007.  Emiyuu Ayayaachiit Awaash Project = Active Kids Project. PDF icon Conduit vol.1 no.1 Spring 2007 p.10-11.pdf (116.24 KB)PDF icon The Active Kids Project.pdf (41.86 KB)PDF icon Waist size and lifestyle in Iiyiyiu children (Active Kids Study) 2008-- summary by E. Bobet_0.pdf (101.58 KB)PDF icon Body Image and Meal Skipping.pdf (447.51 KB)
Bou Khalil C.  2008.  Emerging obesity and dietary habits among James Bay Cree youth : 3 communities. :126p.
Bou Khalil C, Johnson-Down L, Egeland GM.  2010.  Emerging obesity and dietary habits among James Bay Cree youth.. 13(11):1829-37.
Légaré G, Dannenbaum DA, Torrie J, Kuzmina E, Linton P.  2004.  Effects of diabetes on the health of the Cree of Eeyou Istchee : what can be learned from linking the Cree Diabetes Information System (CDIS) with the Quebec Diabetes Surveillance System (QDSS). PDF icon 83-166-1-SM.pdf (662.18 KB)
Tam TW.  2008.  The effects of Cree anti-diabetic natural products on drug metabolism and cardiomyocytes. PDF icon FRP-005-06-01-Y Foster - Tam 2008 (Thesis First Draft)_July 27.pdf (948.72 KB)PDF icon FRP-005-06-01-Y Tam thesis plainlang-aug11-08-pdf version.pdf (120.44 KB)
Harrison RL, Veronneau J, Leroux B.  2012.  Effectiveness of maternal counseling in reducing caries in Cree children.. J Dent Res. 91(11):1032-7.
Liu R, Tam TW, Mao J, Saleem A, Krantis A, Arnason JT, Foster BC.  2010.  The effect of natural health products and traditional medicines on the activity of human hepatic microsomal-mediated metabolism of oseltamivir.. J Pharm Pharm Sci. 13(1):43-55.PDF icon [11] NFRP-6-04-X Could plant medicines affect how well Tamiflu works-PL-Sept9-09.pdf (18.5 KB)
Harris-Giraldo R, Soares K, Hebert A.  2000.  The Effect of Housing Conditions on Health in the Cree Community of Chisasibi. PDF icon 41-79-1-SM.pdf (80.58 KB)
Dr Robinson EJ, Gebre Y, Pickering JLL.  1995.  Effect of Bush Living on Aboriginal Canadians of the Eastern James Bay Region with Non-insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus.
Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB).  2001.  Eeyou Istchee Aboriginal Peoples Survey. PDF icon APS 2001-Popular Report.pdf (889.83 KB)PDF icon APS_Broadsheet_2001.pdf (455.15 KB)PDF icon APS tech summary.pdf (1.15 MB)
Willows ND.  2013.  An ecological approach to understanding and improving the nutrition and health of Cree children- Summary Report. PDF icon COMMUNITY REPORT An ecological approach to understanding and improving the nutrition and health of Cree children-1.pdf (525.17 KB)
Bernard L, Lavallée C.  1993.  Eating Habits of Cree Schoolchildren: A Pilot Study. PDF icon 20-214-1-PB.pdf (2 MB)
Willows NDianne.  2011.  Eastmain Food Security Workshop Report. PDF icon Eastmain Food Security Workshop Report FINAL.pdf (151.95 KB)
Lavallée C, Cornejo H, James C, Dr Robinson EJ.  1990.  The eastern Cree bush-kit program evaluation; its usefulness.. Arctic Med Res. 49(4):189-94.