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Vallianatos H, Brennand EA, Raine KD, Stephen Q, Petawabano B, Dannenbaum DA, Willows NDianne.  2006.  Beliefs and Pratices of First Nation Women about Weight Gain during Pregnancy and Lactation : Implications for Women's Health. 38(1):102-119.
Château-Degat M-L, Dannenbaum DA, Egeland GM, Nieboer E, Laouan Sidi EA, Abdous B, Dewailly E.  2011.  A comparison of the metabolic response to abdominal obesity in two Canadian Inuit and First Nations population.. 19(11):2254-60.
Dannenbaum DA, Verronneau M, Torrie J, Smeja H, Dr Robinson EJ, Dumont C, Kovitch I, Webster T.  1999.  Comprehensive computerized diabetes registry; Serving the Cree of Eeyou Istchee (eastern James Bay). PDF icon 19-36-1-SM.pdf (490.98 KB)
Vallianatos H, Brennand EA, Raine KD, Stephen Q, Petawabano B, Dannenbaum DA, Willows NDianne.  2008.  Cree Women Speak: Intergenerational Perspectives on Weight Gain during Pregnancy and Weight Loss after Pregnancy. 4(1):6-14.
Iqbal S, Bartlett G, Dannenbaum DA, Vasilevsky M, Phillips M.  2004.  Diabetes and Kidney Project. PDF icon Diabetes and Kidney Disease prevention [Compatibility Mode].pdf (197.71 KB)
Château-Degat M-L, Pereg D, Egeland GM, Nieboer E, Bonnier-Viger Y, Laouan Sidi EA, Dannenbaum DA, Dewailly E.  2009.  Diabetes and Related Metabolic Conditions in an Aboriginal Cree Community of Quebec, Canada. 33(3):156-162.
Dannenbaum DA, Kuzmina E, Gangbe M, Torrie J.  2008.  Diabetes clinical management in Iiyiyiu Aschii (2006). PDF icon Diabetes_audit_08-10.pdf (580.48 KB)
Légaré G, Dannenbaum DA, Torrie J, Kuzmina E, Linton P.  2004.  Effects of diabetes on the health of the Cree of Eeyou Istchee : what can be learned from linking the Cree Diabetes Information System (CDIS) with the Quebec Diabetes Surveillance System (QDSS). PDF icon 83-166-1-SM.pdf (662.18 KB)
Patapas J M, Blanchard A C, Iqbal S, Vasilevsky M, Dannenbaum DA.  2012.  Management of aboriginal and nonaboriginal people with chronic kidney disease in Quebec: quality-of-care indicators.. 58(2):e107-11.
Brennand EA, Dannenbaum DA, Willows NDianne.  2005.  Pregnancy Outcomes of First Nations Women in Relation to Pregravid Weight and Pregnancy Weight Gain. PDF icon 41.pdf (111.18 KB)
Willows NDianne, Dannenbaum DA, Vadeboncoeur S.  2012.  Prevalence of anemia among Quebec Cree infants from 2002 to 2007 compared with 1995 to 2000.. 58(2):e101-6.
Dannenbaum DA, Kuzmina E, Lejeune P, Torrie J, Gangbe M.  2008.  Prevalence of Diabetes and Diabetes-related Complications in First Nations Communities in Northern Quebec (Eeyou Istchee), Canada. 32(1):46-52.
VanSpronsen E, Dannenbaum DA, Daniel M.  2007.  Prevention of Diabetes in Eeyou Istchee: An evaluation of community priorities for Diabetes Prevention and Clinical Pre-Diabetes Services Delivery in Waskaganish.. PDF icon Diabetes Evaluation Report_Vanspronsen.pdf (104.78 KB)PDF icon Diabetes Evaluation Report 2007_Short Summary.pdf (24.13 KB)
Hayward M N, Kuzmina E, Dannenbaum DA, Torrie J, Huynh J, Harris SB.  2012.  Room for improvement in diabetes care among First Nations in northern Quebec (Eeyou Istchee): reasonable management of glucose but poor management of complications.. 71:1-8.
Julien N, Iqbal S, Dannenbaum DA, Vasilevsky M, Bartlett G.  2004.  Screening of microalbuminuria among type 2 diabetic patients from Cree Communities. PDF icon 92.pdf (78.76 KB)PDF icon Screening for Microalbuminuria and Use of Reno-protective Agents among Type 2 Diabetic Patients [Compatibility Mode].pdf (44.25 KB)
Del Gobbo LC, Song Y, Dannenbaum DA, Dewailly E, Egeland GM.  2011.  Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is not associated with insulin resistance or beta cell function in Canadian Cree.. 141(2):290-5.
Plante C, Torrie J, Rochette L, Kuzmina E, Dannenbaum DA, Lejeune P, Larocque I.  2011.  Use of Services and Complications Among the Cree Population with Diabetes: A Linkage study with Québec administrative data. PDF icon Poster Céline et Isa_Toronto_20102011_v7.pdf (1.53 MB)