What protects youth from getting into bad habits : a Mistissini community study

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TitleWhat protects youth from getting into bad habits : a Mistissini community study
Publication TypeResearch
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsShecapio R, Iserhoff I

The study on protective factors was carried out for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program with money from the federal Solvent Abuse Program, Medical Services Branch, Health Canada. The study was planned as a participatory research project. This means that the community researchers designed and developed the study. It also means that Mistissini owns the results of this specific study. However, because this was a regional project, the results from Mistissini will also be combined with the results from other Cree communities and presented in the regional report prepared by the consultants. To plan and develop the study, community youth researchers from seven Cree communities attended a training session in Oujé-Bougoumou with consultants. We learned how to map out the problem and plan the approach for the research. Then we developed the questions for the study (see Section D). When we came back from the workshop, we made a plan for the work in Mistissini, obtained community permission to carry out the work, carried out the research, entered the data into a computer program, analysed our data and wrote this report for the community. We conducted a study this past March to find out what protects youth from falling into problems like drinking, sniffing solvents and smoking hash or grass. The study mostly happened at the school. In total, questionnaires were filled out by 326 youth between the ages of 10 and 21. The average age of the youth sampled is 14 years old. (See Appendix A). We also interviewed several key informants in the education and social sectors to get their perspectives. We looked at the relationships youth have with their friends and parents or caregivers; their participation in community and school activities; and sources of information and support within the community.