Prevalence of diabetes mellitus among the James Bay Cree of northern Québec

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TitlePrevalence of diabetes mellitus among the James Bay Cree of northern Québec
Publication TypeResearch
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsBrassard P, Dr Robinson EJ, Lavallée C

(CMA Media Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for damages arising from any error or omission in the text or from the use of any information or advice contained in this material). Objective: To determine the prevalence of diabetes mellitus among the James Bay Cree in northern Quebec. Design: Chart survey of physician-diagnosed cases of diabetes. The biochemical criteria of the World Health Organization were used to confirm the diagnoses. Setting: Eight James Bay Cree communities: six remote and two rural. Subjects: All James Bay Cree with diabetes whose names were in a chronic disease registry or on a diabetes clinic list kept at each community clinic. Outcome measures: Prevalence rates, both crude and standardized to the 1986 Canadian population,were estimated by sex, age group and type of diabetes. Results: A total of 235 cases of diabetes were confirmed, for a crude prevalence of 2.7%. The agestandardized rate of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus was 6.6% among people 20 years and over. The prevalence increased as the latitude decreased. Conclusions: Our crude prevalence resembles that in similar native linguistic and cultural groups elsewhere in Canada. Diabetes is becoming an important disease in the Cree population of Quebec. A better understanding of the socioculturel changes in this population is necessary.

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