Chii kayeh iyaakwaamiih Program on Relationships and Sexual Health

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TitleChii kayeh iyaakwaamiih Program on Relationships and Sexual Health
Publication TypeResearch
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMoar D, Otter I, Dixon B, Mianscum E, Caron F, Bourdeau A-A, Duguay I, Beaulieu M, Dugas M, Torrie J, Otis J, Mathieu-Chartier S, Gagnon M, Nonn E, Levy JJ
Corporate AuthorsChii kayeh iyaakwaamiih Research Team

This three-year research project focused on the implementation of the chî kayeh Program. It took place in two high schools located in Waswanipi and Waskaganish. The results led to the creation of a fully revised program: The chii kayeh iyaakwaamiih Program on Relationships and Sexual Health. The words chii kayeh iyaakwaamiih mean “You too, be careful”. The chî kayeh Program was a new course for secondary III or IV students promoting sexual health and preventing the spread of STIs and HIV. After learning about sexual health, students created a team project (aashuumiih) in order to share their knowledge and skills with the other students of the school. Two committees gave a Cree focus to the research project and the program. The Advisory Committee, composed of parents, youth, Elders, Band Council members and other key players from each pilot community provided input for the project. The Sub-committee had four permanent members, including two Elders. These members actively participated in interpreting the results of the research project and in developing and confirming modifications to the program. Information was gathered from several sources to understand how and if the program worked. Teachers filled out a journal after each lesson. Students filled out a questionnaire at the end of the school year. Parents, teachers, students and other community members were interviewed.