Canadian Aboriginal (Cree) infants have high fetal growth

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TitleCanadian Aboriginal (Cree) infants have high fetal growth
Publication TypeResearch
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsWillows NDianne, Bell RC, Johnson MS

Birth weight, length and head circumference are used to screen for highrisk newborns. Attention has been focused predominantly at infants having low birth weight (LBW, 4000g). HBW infants are termed macrosomic. Macrosomia carries increased risk of birth trauma for the infant such as shoulder dystocia, clavicular fracture, and brachial plexus injury. In the United States and in Canada, approximately 10% of term births exceed 4000 g. The prevalence of HBW in Canadian Aboriginal (North American Indian) populations is 12 – 37% for reasons that may be genetic and/or could in part reflect high rates of maternal besity and gestational diabetes. In the Cree population of northern Quebec, greater than 1 in 3 babies weigh >4000 g at birth.

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