Point of care (beside) serum Ketone (b-Hydroxybutyrate) testing

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 13:56 -- Katherine Morrow
TitlePoint of care (beside) serum Ketone (b-Hydroxybutyrate) testing
Publication TypeClinical
Year of Publication2013

- Urine ketones measure only acetoacetate (AA), and not ß-Hydroxybutyrate (ß-HB )
- a negative urine ketones dipstick makes DKA unlikely, but it is still possible to have DKA
with a negative urine AA ketones dipstick.
- a positive urine requires serum ketones assessment because serum and urine AA levels
can increase in fasting states, but serum ß-HB value will be < 3 mmol/L

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