Miyupimaatiiiuwin: Promoting Health and Well-Being on Cree Radio

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 17:27 -- Katherine Morrow
TitleMiyupimaatiiiuwin: Promoting Health and Well-Being on Cree Radio
Publication TypeHealth Promotion
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsRoth L, Valverde C, Dr Robinson EJ
ISBN Number2-921366-56-8
Keywordsbroadcasting, communication, community, education, indigenous, public health, radio, training

This book is a guide to promoting health and social well-being using existing radio services serving the Cree inland and coastal communities of the James Bay region of northern Quebec.

The guide was created in 1994 and remains a relevant and useful tool for anyone involved in health promotion in Eeyou Istchee today, in 2017. The JBCCS network of community radio stations, broadcasting daily in the Cree language, is still a vital community service and an essential tool for health promotion and emergency communication. Many of the authors and contributors are still working for the CBHSSJB today, in 2017, more than twenty years after this guide was first published.