Media Relations Policy

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 10:19 -- Katherine Morrow
TitleMedia Relations Policy
Publication TypeCorporate
Year of Publication2015
Keywordsjournalist, media, policy, PR, radio, relations, relations publiques, tv

The Media Relations Policy was approved by the Board of Directors June 23, 2015. For media enquiries contact Katherine Morrow, Coordinator of Communications, 1-418-770-1444.

Objectives of the policy:

  • To supervise relations between the CBHSSJB’s and the media.
  • To protect and preserve the institution’s branding.
  • To promote the institution’s reputation and the credibility of its spokespersons.
  • To identify the appropriate spokespersons and the means to support them in their role.
  • To manage access to the institution’s facilities by the media (i.e., print, broadcast and online journalists, photographers and camera operators).
  • To establish guidelines as regards the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of the institution’s clients.

This record now includes the Social Media Policy approved by the Board of Directors June 14, 2016.