CBHSSJB Code of Ethics (updated 2016)

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 16:23 -- Katherine Morrow
TitleCBHSSJB Code of Ethics (updated 2016)
Publication TypeCorporate
Year of Publication2016
Keywordscode, code of ethics, complaints, conduct, confidentiality, ethics, ombudsman, orientation, policies, policy, privacy, professional, rights, user, users

The preamble deals with the scope and objectives of the Code.

Section I deals with mandate and key values of the Code.

The core of the Code of Ethics lists the fundamental rights of the clients and describes the practices and conduct expected from interveners who must act in respect of these rights.

The third part of the Code addresses the clients’ responsibilities towards themselves, other clients, the interveners and the organization.

In the final provisions, the Code deals with the complaints procedure and the time frame for the suggested review period.

Section V contains the clients’ rights at a glance.

Finally, an Index can help to find what clients and interveners are looking for.