Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases are long-term diseases that worsen over time. They have many different causes and can affect a person at any stage of their life, although they usually appear as people get older.

Chronic diseases usually start with mild symptoms that slowly get worse until they limit a person’s movement or cause disability. Most chronic diseases eventually cause death. Nearly 60 per cent of all deaths worldwide are the result of chronic disease conditions.

Common chronic disease conditions include:


All people are at risk of getting a chronic disease, but there are ways to protect yourself. The best and easiest ways to help prevent chronic disease conditions are:

  • Get active: physical activity strengthens the body and the immune system
  • Eat well: a healthy diet including fruit and vegetables is an important part of disease prevention
  • Quit smoking: smoking is a cause of many chronic disease conditions
  • Reduce alcohol consumption: heavy drinking puts a person at higher risk for many chronic diseases


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