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Guidelines on self-isolation for people who travel to high-risk area

These guidelines apply ONLY to people who are visiting or returning to communities from areas of risk AND who have NO symptoms of COVID-19.

These instructions to DO NOT apply to you if you are sick. Contact your CMC or the hospital to get tested. 

1. Self-Isolate

You can isolate with members of your household. Limit contact with, and wear a mask or face covering around people who did not travel with you. If you start feeling sick, call your CMC or hospital to get tested.

2. Care for others

Wear a mask or face covering whenever you go outside or when with members of your household who are elders (70+) or people with serious medical conditions.

3. Wash your hands often

With soap & warm water for at least 20 seconds. This destroys the virus. If soap and water are unavailable, use a hand sanitizer containing 70% alcohol.

4. Cough and sneeze into your sleeve or into a paper tissue

Throw the tissue away in a closed garbage can and wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap.

5. Do not share personal items disinfect surfaces and items frequently

Disinfect anything that people around you might touch, especially doorknobs, light switches, handrails, faucet taps, etc.

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