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HEAL Funding Application Form

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 16:58 -- Iain Cook
TitleHEAL Funding Application Form
Publication TypeHealth Promotion
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay(CBHSSJB)

What is H. E. A. L.?

H.E.A.L. stands for Healthy Environment - Active Living. It is a project from the Public Health Department of the Cree Health Board that makes funding available for communities to help them develop and realise healthy lifestyle activities. This includes activities that promote physical activities and healthy eating habits with a component on health education and/or skill development.



Activities aiming to promote healthy eating and improve community food security, such as:

  • Cooking class, nutrition workshop 
  • Community kitchen, collective kitchen, soup kitchen 
  • Community garden, greenhouse 
  • Traditional food preparation techniques
  • Nutrition month (educational booth, food tasting, etc.) 


Activities aiming to improve physical activity level:

  • Physical activity month (sports and physical activity week)
  • Community walks
  • Winter fun (family challenge, winter triathlon)
  • Summer active (100-mile challenge, running events)
  • Traditional activities (snowshoeing, skiing, canoeing, dancing club)
  • Youth activities (soccer program for girls and boys, after school running club, active school and walk to School programs)
  • Healthy lifestyles at workplace
  • Other activities:
  • Yearly Drop the Pop activities as part of Nutrition month and/or Oral health month
  • Yearly Diabetes month activities
  • Cultural events that focuses on physical activities and healthy eating


How to apply?

Fill out the form and fax or email it to:

Wally Rabbitskin
Program Officer for Physical Activity
Phone: (418) 923-2204 ext. 42365
Fax: (418) 923-2564


Catherine Godin
Program Officer for Chronic Diseases
Phone: (418) 923-2204 ext. 42364
Fax: (418) 923-2564

Communities :