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Bring You Home: Deanne Rose Moore shares song of hope for this holiday season

22 décembre 2020

The pandemic is forcing us to stay apart this Christmas, and even though the end is in sight we need to hold on until it’s safe to gather again. To keep us strong, Deanne Rose Moore, winner of Canada’s Next Top Indigenous Superstar 2020 (and one of our staff!) has given us the gift of this song.

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What inspired you to compose this song?

"I was picking up my daughter from school, it was very windy and the snow was blowing around while we were walking home. As we started walking, I had the melody, “it’s snowing, it will be hard to tell where you're going” - making sure we don’t get too lost in our troubles and hard times, that there’s always a safe and warm place to go to, which the fire represents. Whether it’s in ourselves, our families, or communities.”

Has the pandemic changed your creative process?

"The pandemic forced me to sit with myself more, and I’ve never written so much in my life. I am also on a healing journey, the pandemic has triggered my own wounds that I didn’t know existed, I was very busy before the pandemic. It forced me to sit quietly, with therapy, understand, feel and process emotions. Furthermore, picking up my guitar and letting the melodies lead me, which later words come and then a song. I’be learnt to trust the writing process abit more.”

How can music help us through hard times?

"Music connects my thinking brain to my heart, when I start strumming and playing, as cheesy as it sounds, I try and let it flow and come out without overthinking it. It’s helps me makes sense what I can’t say."

What can people expect when they call the Wiichihiiwaauwin helpline?

"The helpline is learning, growing and always changing to fit the needs. It’s new and will give people a voice to speak when they need it most."

Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request

To hear more of Deanne’s music, her song, “Not Waiting Anymore” is available on all music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music). Follow her music journey on social:




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