2018 CPDP

Photo: Members of the Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists at their 2018 annual meeting in Val d'Or.

How to apply

Doctors are recruited directly by the Department of Medicine of the CBHSSJB. You must be licensed to practice in Québec.

Doctors, residents and students, contact:

Gabriel Bandet
Medical Affairs Development Advisor 
Department of Medical Affairs and Services (DMAS) 

Christina Spencer
Administrative Officer
Department of Medical Affairs and Services (DMAS)
Tel: 819-855-2744, ext: 22139
Fax: 819-855-2059


For SARROS internship program, questions and application, contact:

Dr Carina Ferreira

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Practicing medicine in Eeyou Istchee

Medical activities vary depending on which village is chosen: in some communities you will be working with nurses trained with extended clinical roles or “rôle élargi”, while in Chisasibi you will be part of the hospital medical team comprised of nurses, doctors, and visiting specialists, and other health professionals to help with out-patient clinics, in-hospital calls and the emergency room.

There are pre-established corridors of specialty services with the McGill University Health Centre as well as with Val d’Or, Amos and Chibougamau hospitals. There are xray and ultrasound imaging in Chisasibi, and there are pharmacists, dentists and laboratory technicians on site in Chisasibi and Mistissini, who are available for phone consultations to all communities.

Find out more of what this special region has to offer:

Short-term locum (“Dépannage”)

Doctors licensed to practice in Québec who are interested in a short-term locum (minimum 7 days) can consult the following links:

Most locum doctors return on a regular basis. By doing a locum, you can experience the working conditions and community life of a member of the CBHSSJB medical team. Who knows, you might fall in love with the North!

Locum doctors are offered attractive pay: per diem plus a 20% premium. We also offer a flexible amount of on-call duty. Refer to RAMQ Region 18 “Entente Particulière”. Travel time and fees are paid by the RAMQ, while food allocations and lodging are covered by the CBHSSJB.

Permanent Position

We are actively recruiting doctors interested in full-time (36 weeks per year) and part-time (18 weeks per year) positions. You can try out a locum (see above) to see if the region suits your practice goals. On top of an annual retention premium, permanent doctors benefit from attractive remuneration (130% of the per diem rate) and incentives. Refer to RAMQ Region 18 “entente particulière” and “mesures incitatives."

Consult the PREM site (Plans régionaux d'effectifs médicaux en médecine de famille) to find out how to apply for PREM in Region 18.

Students and Residents

Student Summer Job Program
Soutien aux régions pour le recrutement des omnipraticiens et spécialistes (SARROS)

This program gives medical students from across the province of Québec an opportunity to work for four to twelve weeks in the Cree communities during the summer. Students in premed, first or second year at McGill University, and students in the first, second, or third year at other medical faculties of Québec are eligible. Students enrolled in programs outside Québec are not eligible. Students are paid minimum wage to work 40 hours/week on various projects. Lodging, transport and food is covered. Apply directly to the CBHSSJB before March 1st of each year by contacting Consult the SARROS site for more information and to find out when information sessions are held in each university.

Rotations for Medical Students and Residents in Family Medicine

Québec medical students and family medicine residents can do a 1 or 2 month rural rotation in a Cree community, with lodging and food provided by the CBHSSJB. The rotations are accredited by the Collège des Médecins du Québec. McGill medical students must contact the McGill Electives office at (Phone: 514-398-5390) at least 3 months in advance. Students from other universities will need to get the rotation approved by their university. See Visiting Electives Program. See also: McGill University Family Medicine Rural Teaching Sites - Cree Territory of James Bay.

Residents must apply through their respective Department of Family Medicine.