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Wiichihiituwin Client Relations Officer: Ensuring you receive the high-quality care and services you deserve

As a client, you are entitled to timely access to quality care and services that meet Wiichihiituwin’s high standards. The role of the Client Relationship Officer is to ensure that we achieve this goal by working with you to address your concerns.


What can the Wiichihiituwin Client Relations Officer do for you?

  • Bridge gaps between you and our services
  • Be your voice by raising concerns on your behalf
  • Be your contact when you have suggestions about how we can improve our services while you are in our care.


The Client Relations Officer is, above all, your partner in improving the services offered by Wiichihiituwin.

When can you reach out to the Client Relations Officer?

  • When you are unable to receive the services you need
  • You want to propose solutions that could improve Wiichihiituwin services
  • You do not know who to contact or what to do in a specific situation*
  • If you want to appeal a decision made by one of our departments.

We encourage you to try to reach one of our department staff before contacting the Client Relations Officer.


How does the Client Relations Officer work with you?

Step 1

Collect your name and contact information so he can follow up with you, if necessary (all the information gathered during this process is considered confidential, as per the CBHSSJB Code of Ethics

Step 2

Hear from you about your situation. This information will help us understand your particular concerns, find an immediate resolution and improve our services for others in the future

Step 3

Work with you to determine the best course of action

Step 4

Analyze the situation and reach out to the proper channels to resolve the issue. Most cases are solved within a day or two. If after two weeks you have not had a response, please call the Client Relations Officer to inquire about the status of your request. If needed, a case can be escalated to the Commissioner of Complaints.


What do you need to prepare before contacting the Client Relations Officer?

  1. Your contact information
  2. A detailed explanation of your situation
  3. An idea of the resolution you would like to see out of this interaction (if any).


How can you reach the Client Relations Officer?

Contact Wiichihiituwin Montreal

Contact Wiichihiituwin Val-d'Or

Contact Wiichihiituwin Chisasibi

Contact Wiichihiituwin Chibougamau

Contact the Commissioner of Service Quality and Complaints

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