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Bush Camp Safety during COVID-19

Because of COVID-19 and its variants:

  • Anyone coming from Red Zone areas are expected to inform their local PSO before coming to any bush camp. The person will be asked to self-isolate.
  • Since you can have COVID-19 without any symptoms, it is important to wear a mask on the plane or helicopter.

The COVID-19 virus can spread fast. To prevent an outbreak in a camp:

  • For an extra layer of protection, get vaccinated (contact your local CMC for more information)
  • Stay 2 metres/6 feet away from people outside of your camp
  • Wear a mask if you can’t distance 2 metres/6 feet away with others outside your household
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or tissue
  • Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer
  • Disinfect surfaces
  • Air out your cabin often


It is everyone's priority to protect

  • Be sure to have a box of medical masks, in case someone becomes symptomatic.
  • Families need to be very cautious when visiting or receiving guests from other camps, villages, or community members who are not part of their households.
  • If you are attending a feast in the bush, wear a mask, keep your distance and wash/sanitize your hands often.
  • If you can, reduce the number of people in your cabin by building extra shelters to be used as sleeping and living quarters for extended family members.


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Eeyou Istchee COVID-19 Information

Call 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Leave a voicemail on the weekend. Your call will be returned.  

Or: Inbox @creehealth on Facebook. Leave your name & number. 

Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request

Emergency numbers

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