ᐋᑳ ᓂᐦᐋᒋᐦᐄᐙᒡ ᒑᒀᓐ

Complaints about the services provided in CBHSSJB establishments are handled by the Commissioner of Complaints and Quality of Services, with the assistance of the Medical Examiner in some cases. The Commissioner and the Medical Examiner work together and report directly to the Chair of the Board of Directors of the CBHSSJB. 

How to make a complaint

If you are thinking about filing a complaint, first contact the Commissioner and discuss the situation. The Commissioner will guide you in how to make a formal complaint in writing.

Sarah Cowboy, Commissioner of Complaints and Quality of Services
Nancy Shecapio-Blacksmith, Assistant Commissioner
Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay

Phone toll free 1-866-923-2624

Download the brochure

When calling the toll free number, please make sure you leave your full name and a number where the Commissioner can call you back.

If your situation concerns a doctor, medical student, dentist or pharmacist, it will be forwarded to the Medical Examiner for followup and you will be informed of this fact.

The Commissioner and Medical Examiner are not empowered to impose measures (such as reprimands or sanctions). Their approach is one of reconciliation, that is, they seek solutions that are satisfactory to both parties.

Complaint examination is free of charge, whether performed by the Complaints Commissioner or the Medical Examiner.

The law prohibits any form of reprisal against individuals who file a complaint or who intend to file complaint. Should such an event occur, communicate immediately with the Commissioner. The Commissioner is obliged to intervene without delay to put an end to such practices.

Note: The Complaints process is for users of CBHSSJB services. If you are a CBHSSJB employee and your concern is about your working conditions or terms of employment, you should contact the Human Resources Department or your Union Representative. See Working Here.