MistissiniEmergency Contacts

  • Medical Emergency
    418 923 3376
  • Police
    418 923 3278
  • Fire
    418 923 3200
  • Youth Protection 24/7
    1 800 409 6884
Mailing Address:
302 Queen Street, Mistissini QC G0W 1C0
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The modern community of Mistissini is located on the south shore of Lake Mistissini, about 90 km north of Chibougamau. Mistissini means “big rock” and takes its name from an immense boulder that has served as a landmark for generations.

Local Services

Emergency, walk-in clinic, Awash (child), Uschiniichisuu (youth), and Chishaayiyuu (elder) community health clinics, pharmacy, radiology, dentistry, MSDC and Youth Protection. Mistissini is a McGill University teaching site. The Local Director is Alan Moar.

Regular Hours Weekdays 9-5. 

Pharmacy Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm.

Other Cree Health Board services in Mistissini

Regional Public Health Department
Phone: (418) 923-3355

Upaahchikush Group Home
(418) 923-2260

Youth Healing Services
Reception Centre
139 Mistissini Boulevard
Mistissini, Quebec G0W 1C0
(418) 923-3600

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