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New Painting for the Awash Team

January 13, 2017

In the summer of 2016, Cree artist Natasia Mukash started working on a painting for the Awash team. This painting is now proudly displayed in Mistissini's new Public Health building and is the image used for our 2017 calendar. In a while, this painting will also be featured on new Awash kits distributed to future mothers. The CBHSSJB is proud to display and use the work of our talented local artists. By doing so our organization highlights the uniqueness of Eeyou / Eenou culture and contributes to reinforcing cultural safety principles attached to the healthcare of our people.

Natasia Mukash painting represents the life process. From the beginning of conception (left), to carrying a child and birth (center) and family and to Elders and community support (far right). Geese choose one life partner in their lifetime. They protect each other and create life and family just like we do. They carry the message of life, family, love and spirit.

These “Spirit” geese are part of Natasia Mukash’s Goose Series.