Job Posting Number: N-1819-0781
External vacancy

1. About this job posting

Job Posting Number: 
External Posting Number: 
Posting Start Date: 
Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Posting End Date: 
Friday, December 21, 2018

2. About this position

Work Location: 
Permanent Full Time
MSSS Job Number: 
1 913
DPSQA - Health
MSSS Job Title: 
Nurse Counsellor
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Job Hours: 
Hours Per Day: 
Shift Type: 
Work Schedule: 
10/14 Jours

3. Description

Person who is called upon to advise an institution on questions pertaining to nursing and who may be required to carry out such responsibilities as:

  • The design, distribution, evaluation and revision of orientation, training and skills updating activities

for employees and trainees;

  • The design, implementation, evaluation and revision of programs aimed at improving the quality of

health care and professional activities and programs.




    • Responsible for analyzing the needs of the CCSSBJ's sterilization and URDM (Medical Device Reprocessing Unit);
    • Responsible for the development, implementation and revision of procedures and protocols related to sterilization and URDM;
    •  Ensures the proper functioning and management of sterilization and URDM processes within the CBHSSJB;
    • Supports the Nursing Directorate in identifying requirements for products, equipment and supplies as a clinical expert in care equipment acquisition records;
    • Collaborate with the purchasing department on the GACEQ (centralized purchasing group of Eastern Quebec) files, which relates to the purchasing of clinical care supplies;
    • Participates in the evaluation and implementation of general clinical equipment;
    • Collaborate in planning the continuing education of nurses at the CBHSSJB;
    • May be called upon to give various training to existing nurses (annual nursing or CHR training, training required by the MSSS, etc.);
    • Collaborates in the development, revision, implementation and training related to clinical tools (nursing protocols, collective prescriptions, etc.);
    • Supports the development and implementation of quality measures (accreditation, clinical evaluation tool, etc.);

4. Requirements


  • Member in good standing of the O.I.I.Q;

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an undergraduate degree consisting of three (3) admissible

certificates, of which two (2) are accredited certificates in Nursing.



  • Three (3) years of relevant experience;

  • Training or experience in sterilization is an asset.



Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of and experience with public and community health prevention and promotion related approaches, methods, issues and programming (and in First Nation contexts being an asset);

  • Knowledge of MSSS programs and regulations for first-line services is an asset;

  • Knowledge of Eenou/Eeyou Pimaatsiiun healing practices and paradigms is an asset;

  • Excellent communication skills, both group animation, written and presentation;

  • Excellent interpersonal and listening communication, leadership and teamwork skills;

  • Excellent critical thinking, organizational and decision-making skills;

  • Marked interest for writing clinical tools;

  • Autonomous, flexible, discrete and empathetic;

  • Good computer skills.



  • Fluent in English;

  • Fluency in Cree or French is an asset;



  • Willing to travel in the nine (9) communities;

Position under the temporary direction of DPSQA-Health. Will possibly be transferred under the direction of the Regional Hospital in preparation for the arrival of the new hospital

5. Salary information

Salary (Hourly) Minimum: 
Salary (Hourly) Maximum: 

6. Contact

The persons interested in this position are asked to forward their resume within the prescribed deadline to:

Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay,

1055 René-Levesque East, 7th floor
Tel: 514-861-5955 Fax: 514-989-7495 Email:

More information about the position & job description with complete requirements may be obtained by contacting the above.

Note 1: In accordance with the organization’s Cree Employment Policy (in Progress) and various Sections of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA), the organization has the objective of staffing all of its positions with qualified and competent beneficiaries of the JBNQA

All applicants must be Canadian citizens or have a Canadian work permit. Professionals must be licensed to practice in Québec. The Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay aims to hire qualified Cree beneficiaries of the JBNQA, whenever possible. English is the working language of the CBHSSJB.

To apply, send your CV and a cover letter mentioning the Posting number to or fax 1-819-855-2680. For information call 1-877-562-2733.